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About MCD

Founded in 2012, Fundación Internacional Movement prisons in the nude is recognized because it is an international non-governmental ONG, which promotes the defense of Human Rights in Colombia and the world, we are committed to defend, promulgate and make visible the rights of citizens.

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Movement prisons in the nude it is a representative Foundation in the Colombian prison system, with the capacity to influence and promote changes in the search for the dignity of life in prison, as well as to encourage the creation of projects for life after prison.

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Over the years we have seen social programs that try to give us an image of the current situation in the country, of the cases that come to us and touch our hearts.  "The Guardians" was born with the mission of transmitting the current situation in the field of human rights, bearing in mind that these must be universal and inalienable, interdependent and indivisible, equal and non-discriminatory.

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Sick Health - Case Saludvida

A hidden truth

False Versions

"No one in this country suffers from the fate of thousands of families who are going to be left homeless. The corrupt getting paid and the public servants getting paid under the table."


Parents claim the state for the death of their children in alleged Army combat.

The case of a man detained in prison for a crime he did not commit has surprised the inhabitants of Pitalito-Huila, there is talk of an irregular action by the prosecutor's office to show results.

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The MCD Foundation strengthens its work through the talent and time that professionals from different areas donate for the Common Good, becoming generators of change.


Programs with universities, through institutional agreements, as well as our corporate volunteers, have strengthened the management of the foundation and this has allowed us to expand our range of action, thus reaching practically the 136 prisons that Colombia has.

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